GPS Pet Locator GPS Pet Collar Electric Pet Supplies Accessories GPS Dog Collar Phonetic Dialogue IP67 Pet Tracking Glow

  • $72.70

Color: blue / white / black
Material: ABS
Role: dog GPS locator, support voice intercom
Support functions: GSM, GPRS/GPS positioning/Beidou positioning, WIFI/AGPS/LBS base station positioning/3D acceleration sensor/6D acceleration sensor/compass/WIFI indoor precision positioning/Remote commissioning maintenance / remote setting parameters / online query location / route track query playback / phone / SMS query / built-in battery / SIM card / blind spot transmission / drift processing / lithium battery charging Road / lithium battery charging protection / remote monitoring / SOS / magnetic interface / anti-crash, anti-crash, anti-drop
Operating system: Nucleus
GSM main chip: MTK 2503D, clocked at 260MHz
GSM band support: 850/900/1800/1900 quad-band
GPS chip: built-in
Beidou chip: built-in
GPR: Class12
Beidou/GPS signal: BD2, 1561.098MHz / L1, 1575.42MHz C/A code
Number of GPS channels: 22 channels
AGPS fast positioning time: cold start for 35 seconds (related to GPS antenna)
Beidou/GPS chip receiving sensitivity: tracking: -165dBm, capture: -148dBm
Beidou/GPS positioning accuracy: 5-20 meters
Base station positioning accuracy: 100-1000M
Average standby current: less than 10mA
Average operating current: about 45mA
Working temperature: -20 ~ 70 ° C
Operating humidity: 5% to 95% does not solidify
Testing and certification: can pass national CTA certification, 3C and CE certification
GPS antenna: built-in ceramic antenna
GSM antenna: built-in antenna
Waterproof rating: IP67
Motherboard stack size: 35.6*30.5*12.8mm (with TP)
Product size: 3.5*6.5*2.6cm

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